How Much Can A Owl Carry – Read This Explanation

Great Horned Owls can carry 8-9 pounds of prey. They can transport prey larger than it is. Owls generally don’t carry their prey but in rare cases they attempt to carry them, but most often fail.

Great horned Owls can take on up to four times their weight. They will devour just about anything that moves and some even do not move.

Owls typically hunt insects, small mammals as well as other birds, though certain species are specialized in fishing for fish. They can be found in every region of Earth apart from Antarctica and a few isolated islands.

Owls usually possess hunting territories that are away from their roosts during the day. … It is also able to allow the Owl to watch for the movements of its prey while flying. A majority of species hunt from perches like a low tree, stump or fence posts. They wait for their the prey to come out, then glide down in a swoop with wings wide and their talons bent to the side.

Watch This Video Owl How Attack in Slow Motion

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