Do Owls Eat Rabbits : Everything You Need To Know

The owl feeds on the rabbit like other prey species. When they’ve slayed an animal then the owl makes use of its peak to break the rabbit in pieces and makes it easier to consume by the Owl.

Their capacity to hunt prey bigger than themselves can be a huge advantage in the control of small and medium-sized mammals. Their diet for the Great Horned Owl ranges from snakes and mice to rabbits, groundhogs as well as geese and herons. While it is the species can be diverse in what they can and will consume, nine of ten prey items that are eaten are mammals.

Owls are known to devour part of the prey’s head before they eat it. Sharp talons are employed to crush heads of rabbits. after which, it is eaten by the Owl. This way the owl’s focus is on the body parts of the rabbit until it has finished the rabbit.

Owl Hunting Rabbit

Wild owls are extremely dangerous and effective hunter, making hunting a breeze at any moment during the day. With a good eye and keen hearing abilities they can spot rabbits or other prey at an extended distance. For hunting rabbits, the owls employ diverse hunting strategies. They wait for their prey to come in, hover and look around the ground and then they launch a rapid attack or dive onto the rabbit. Rabbits can be found in Rocky or wooden areas which is why the owl sat and sits and.

Owls have a remarkable keen hearing capability that lets them distinguish prey by their sound. They are able to capture animals, such as ground squirrels, rabbits, generally hidden ones through their sounds. They can also track the sound of rabbits to the location where they are and then hunt for it.

Does owls chase rabbits during the late at night ?

Owls are night-time animals and are blessed with low light vision this allows them to hunt in the dark. They can hunt hares and rabbits at night with no hassle. They wait and watch to catch them.

Rabbit Vs Other Predators

Rabbits are social animals and are part of huge groups, called colonies. The most busy time of the day for rabbits occurs between dawn and dusk. They explore for food. Low light permits them to protect themselves from predators.

Predators – such as hawks, owls falcons, eagles wild cats, dogs and ground squirrels are always a threat. The rabbit’s legs are long and its capability to run prolonged durations at speed are likely to be evolutionarily-derived adaptations that help them escape predators that would like to consume them.

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