Mottled Owl : Everything You Need To Know

The owl with the mottled pattern is a medium-sized owl with adults that range from 280 – 355 millimeters (11.0 up to 14.0 inch) in length. Females are larger than males. The owl that is mottled has the highest level of sexual dimorphism in all species of Owl. The nape, the crown and back are colored in different colors of dark brown.

The disc of the face is light brown, while the throat, breast and belly are white, and have distinct horizontal streaks of dark brown. The eyes are big and brown. The beak is greyish blue or grayish yellow, while the feet and legs are grayish-yellow. Also, there is a dark version of the bird, which has an Ebony belly and breast. Mottled owls produce a variety of different calls which include the hoot, which is used to establish borders of their territories along with a variety of screeches and whistles and hisses.

The owl with the mottled markings is nocturnal and lives in thick vegetation, and it may be harmed by other birds. The big eyes have been built to be able to see at low light conditions, making its hearing is extremely sensitive. The predator is highly active at night, and during the day it can be seen sitting on a tree in open area or at the edges of woodlands to lookout for prey.

If it spot a moving object, it glides from its perch with silent wings and is able to swoop down on the prey. It may be smaller reptiles such as amphibian or bird or a massive grasshopper, beetle , or other insect. It is believed to eat bats.


It breeds during the end of May Colombia as well as from the month of September until the end of November in Argentina. The nesting location is typically an open space in the trees however it might prefer a nest built by an animal of a different species. Two egg eggs are laid. These eggs will be laid by female. Both parents are responsible for the eggs.

How Do They Communicate

Mottled owls can be found in dry forests that rise to heights as high as 8202 feet (2,500 meters) over sea levels. They. They produce various calls. Whistles and hoots, screeches or purrs, screams hisses, snorts and chitters are some of the vocalizations of the owls that are territorial. Hoot calls from males are more low-pitched than females. The male and female muttled wood owl sound is an antiphonal chorus.

How fast can they fly?

The brown mottled owls that are nocturnal species are incredibly wingspan relative to their body weight and allow the owls to glide at a slow speed. Large species such as the barn owl are able to fly as slow as 2 3 mph (3 km/h) in a quiet glide with only a tiny amount of flapping.

Status :

The owl’s mottled range covers many different ranges and the total number of birds has been calculated to be from five hundred to to five million. It is classified as being protected by IUCN as being “Least Concern” in the sense that even though the numbers might be declining but they aren’t increasing at such the rate that it could justify placing the bird into an area of greater risk.

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