Do Owls Have Eyelashes – Read Explanation

Many birds do not have eyelashes — morphologically, they are a little different than owls. Not only do owls have forward-facing eyes, so they must rotate their heads up to 270 degrees in order to utilize peripheral vision, they also blink differently. Most birds pull the bottom eyelid up, perhaps reducing the need for an eyelashes’ sweeping action, while owls blink much like human beings.

With 216 confirmed species of owl, some variety in anatomy and morphology exists. Only 16 of these fall into the barn owl category, while the rest are considered “typical owls.” Barn owls are medium-sized; they reside on all continents except Antarctica.

As nocturnal predators, they possess excellent low-light vision and generally move around alone or in pairs. Because of their acute eyesight and hearing, and their silencing feathers, they are able to approach prey virtually undetected. Typical owls have many similar attributes, though they are larger with even bigger, elongated eyes for hunting nighttime prey. Many larger typical owls are adept enough to count foxes and deer among their prey.

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