Wet Owl : Explanation and Hilarious Image

David Hoffman, a YouTuber and photographer, took the most famous meme-worthy wet owl picture. It shows a wet bird with a tired, or grumpy, face. He shared the photo and its backstory on YouTube in a community post.

Dear Subscribers, Members, and Patrons: It rained yesterday after more than three years of drought in Northern California. My wife and I decided that we would walk in the rain with our dog. It can be both miserable and wonderful, as everyone knows. We went to Elkhorn Slough, but there was nobody there. Silence. The rain was the only exception. We had our rain gear on. I removed my hat, and got wet just like the poor owl. It stopped, and suddenly, said the weathermen, and the water resources folks, there were these beautiful puffy white clouds. The birds began to sing. Then, out of nowhere, on what we thought was an abandoned railroad track, Amtrak trains began to move very slowly and were crowded with people. It was yelled at by the birds. Loud. The train vanished and was silenced again, except for some rain drops and birds singing.

How Wet Owl Meme got more popularity :

TikToker @chantelleef posted an April 24th 2021 video in which she expressed a fear about wet-owls. It showed two images of wet Owls and gained over 2,000,000 views in just 10 months (shown below). Tumblr user Killue posted the image below of the wet-looking owl on June 16th. It gained over 11,000 coins in nine months.

Redditor CrispyMcNuggNuggz uploaded the image to /r/oddlyterrifying on February 20, 2022. It received over 6,600 upvotes within a month. A Redditor uploaded the image to /r/funny on March 18th 2022. It received over 1,400 upvotes within 10 days. It was also posted to /r/interestingasfuck[8] that day, gaining over 4,800 upvotes in 10 days. Redditor walkie_stalkie uploaded the image to /r/photoshopbattles on March 19th. It received over 23,000 upvotes within nine days, and inspired over 250 comments, including many photoshops. (Examples are shown below; see “Various Examples”).

Do Owl Like To Bath?

An owl, like most non-aquatic birds takes a bath every once in a while to wash its feathers. The bird usually sits in shallow water at the edge of a stream or lake and then flaps its wings to splash water all over its body. Sometimes, the bird will immerse itself in deeper water. You can also take a dip in the water – fly at a low angle while splashing briefly in it.

After a bath, the owl vigorously shakes off excess water and preens its feathers. Sometimes it also dries in the sun. Preening will change the arrangement of the barbs and barbules in the feathers. Preening will prevent feathers becoming brittle by using oil from the preen gland at the base. It is believed that the oil has fungicidal as well as bactericidal properties. External parasites such as lice and flies can be removed by bathing. If you want to read about Owl Without Feathers you can check our article Read here.

Photos uses from sadanduseless
Photos uses from sadanduseless
Photos uses from sadanduseless

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