How long do owls live?

The life expectancy for owls ranges from 9 to 10 years when they live in nature and the majority of them endure for longer than twenty years when they are in captivity. Though some species are reported to live up to 25 years old, this would generally depend on the kind of owl and the habitat.

The majority of owls have longer lives than those of smaller ones. Owls require three things including food, a safe spot to rest, and a safe place to build a nest. Owls reside where their fundamental requirements are fulfilled.

Oldest Owl Know

The Great Horned owls have lived for up to 28 years. Great Horned Owls can be considered to be one of the longest-living owls due to their absence of predators in nature and their simple habitat adaptation. The Snowy Owl also has long natural lifespans, however due to their less extensive area of habitat and habitat They may not last longer than the Great Horned.

Great Horned Owl

The record holder of the longest-living Owl on the planet North America is a Great Horned Owl who was alive for 29 years and although it’s unlikely for many owls to achieve this feat (since that 20 years of age is considered to be the typical longest lifespan for Owls) It is likely for owls beyond 20 years if they are in the right conditions.

Owl Species Life Chart

SpeciesIn WildIn CaptivityOld Record
Burrowing Owl10 years9 years9 years and 11 months
Snowy Owl28 years10+ years 23 years and 10 months
Western Screech Owl19 years1-8 years13 years
Great Gray Owl27 years13 years18 years and 9 months
Long-eared Owl10+ years12 years12 years and 1 month
Northern Saw-whet Owl16 years7 years9 years and 5 months
Northern Pygmy-OwlNone Indicated3 years3 years and 11 months
Flammulated OwlNone Indicated7 years7 years and 1 month old

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