Do Owls Eat Snakes : A to Z Guide

Yes, owls can consume snakes, but while other prey is usually are much of the diet of owls. However, owls may and sometimes are able to eat snakes. In reality, owls enjoy an extremely adaptable and diverse diet that permits them to hunt anything that moves as long as they can test it on the basis of size. This diverse diet could include snakes regularly for certain species of owls.

Owls are hunter-gatherers who are able to eat almost anything they discover, even snakes. But, they do not feed predominantly on snakes. Their primary food source is determined by the size and type of the owl. Small owls, like the Screech owl, eat mostly insects, whereas Barn Owls show a specific preferences for rodents.

Owls love eating snakes. They hunt them in the same way like they would any other food item. Owls have binocular eyes, exactly like us. The eyes of owls are both facing toward the front,

This binocular vision , along with their sharp eyesight give them the ability to assess distances and makes it easy to hit the mark with just one strike. It’s then an easy matter of using their sharp talons to carry their food to their children.

They simply swoop into the air and grab their prey by their talons in the same way like grabbing other animal that has fallen to the ground.

Type of owl that consumes snakes

  • Barn Owl – They feed mostly on rodents, however because they are so widespread, they are frequently observed hunting small snakes.
  • Great Horned Owl- As like all owls, they are nocturnal creatures who are most active at the night. They are extremely territorial and combative. Particularly when they defend their young. Although only rare attacks on humans have been reported. The majority of their diet is mammals, however they also consume scorpions, birds, lizards, scorpions and snakes, of course.
  • Western and Eastern Screech Owl – Western as well as Eastern Screech owls are feeding mostly on small mammals, large insects or birds. Sometimes, however, they will are able to take prey that is larger that their own size. Snakes are also available for capture.
  • Barred Owl – Barred Owls are hunter-of-the-moment which can hunt even during the daytime. This is usually the case on days with clouds or during nesting season. They are primarily omnivores that eat rodents as well as other mammals that are small. In addition they often feed on a variety of species of snakes, birds, lizards and crabs, as well as fish.

Snake species that owls eat

  • Common Garter
  • Rat Snake
  • Ribbon Snake
  • Eastern Hognose
  • Smooth Green Snake

Do owls eat poisonous snakes?

In general, snakes with venom tend to be larger and they require a bigger Owl to catch them. For instance, the Great Horned Owl is one of them. It hunts up to 13 different kinds of snake. Certain species are poisonous while others do not have venom.

Owls consume poisonous as well as non-toxic snakes. Most of the time the owl will kill a snake and not cause any harm however, sometimes snakes are able to fight back.

owls are without a doubt, experienced hunters. Their bodies are designed for hunting in darkness and they’ll grab every opportunity they can get even snakes. Because of their opportunistic hunting way of life, they consume various prey species. Snakes are usually included in their diet. They eat poisonous and non-poisonous snakes.

How Owl Hunt Snakes?

  • When an owl decides to take on a snake it usually waits until the snake enters its range of view. It will then swoop into the snake’s path and grab it by its teeth. Then, it’s all downhill from there. In addition Owls eat bugs as well as fish, birds mammals, as well as insects. Large owls are known to take a bite of snakes but it is not their main food source.
  • Before eating its prey, it will strike and take down its prey. Owls are predators and effective hunter. Most of the time the owls will strike from above. Many species are known to perch on trees, waiting for prey to move towards them.
  • Other species fly silently throughout the night, before swooping down to attack animals that are not. There are also creatures that leap on ground in order to catch their prey. The borrowing owl is a part of this category.
  • Owls utilize their powerful talons in order to capture prey. The bony structure that makes up the feet of an owl is more robust and shorter than those of other birds. This makes them capable of absorbing the force of prey.
  • Owls are not usually known to fight dogs, however they can. If animals are attacked by owls they are the most feared species. For instance, great horned Owls often attack dogs with small horns however this isn’t common.

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