What Does It Mean When You Hear An Owl

  • Greek beliefs regarding Owls They believe that Athena The Greek goddess of wisdom, has been often associated with owls. Greeks believe that hearing or seeing Owls at night is a positive sign. Owls also are considered to be a symbol of victory as well as guardian of troops.
  • Roman beliefs About Owls – When it concerns Romans Owls are regarded as an indicator of illness, death, or bad weather. Owls’ hoots predicted the demise of many notable Romans like Julius Caesar, Augustus, Marcus Aurelius, and Agrippa. The owl’s feathers on the mattress of a person are believed to reveal all their secrets.
  • Native American Beliefs About Owls The hoot of the owl is considered to be interpreted in various ways by various Native American tribes. Owls, according to Cherokee are believed to be associated with witchcraft, death or bad luck. Owl-like creatures were viewed by other tribes as having a connection with ghosts and supernatural phenomena.
  • Arab Beliefs Concerning Owls The Arab Beliefs About Owls Owls are also believed to be as a negative omen by Arabs who believe they have a connection with evil spirits. According to certain Arabs that owls can visit homes and leave the window with children, and they believe this to be true.
  • Chinese belief about Owls A. The Chinese have a belief that owls bring about disease and death. When an owl’s sound was heard an alarm, the old Chinese would begin digging graves.