Harmeet Dhillon lands endorsements from major GOP supporters in a bid to depose McDaniel for the position of RNC chair

In a public letter towards the Republican National Committee, the donors expressed their support for Harmeet Dhillon, a civil rights lawyer and national committeewoman for the RNC who will succeed the current chairperson, Ronna McDaniel.

The donors stated that the party will not be able to continue on its current course when it is experiencing these kinds of losses, as it did during the last three cycles of elections.

"The Republican Party currently faces the most radical, organized, and militarized Democrat Party the nation has ever witnessed," the donors said.

"We are urging all members of RNC to express their gratitude to Ronna McDaniel, for her services and to stand behind the one RNC member who wants the position to succeed,

"The RNC is, is in a difficult spot," Dhillon told Fox News Digital. "It's due to the fact that our administration is unwilling to acknowledge the faults of their leaders regardless of whether it's the individual's responsibility or not ... Leadership requires being accountable."

Despite the calls for change in the leadership of the RNC, McDaniel says she has implemented a number of changes that have helped increase the RNC's outreach.