Elon Musk tweets his support to Kevin McCarthy, as speaker vote enters third day

Since Tuesday this week, the House has held votes to elect the next speaker, but after six votes, there is no sign of a conclusion.

Despite Republicans holding a majority in the House, McCarthy has struggled due to a group of less than two dozen GOP representatives-elect who claim he does not adequately represent their conservative positions. 

The CEO and owner of Twitter, Elon Musk has backed House Republican speaker Kevin McCarthy in his bid to become the speaker of the House and has tweeted that he is backing him as McCarthy is entering on his 3rd day trying to get enough votes to win the job.

McCarthy requires 218 members to support him however, with 20 of them voting in his favor and just one present, he remained with 201. He was up to 203 on Tuesday. was able to get the number of 203.

Donalds was a supporter of McCarthy on Tuesday however on Wednesday, the Democrat flipped, since he was chosen by his fellow members to vote against McCarthy.

One prominent Republican who has backed McCarthy is the former president Donald Trump. Following Tuesday's vote failure, Trump posted a message on his Truth Social online platform calling for the GOP to come together behind McCarthy.