Chicago Schools watchdog reveals hundreds of school employees groomed and sexually assaulted

A Chicago school administrator had a student go to a show and then took her on trips in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other places according to the report.

A plethora of Chicago educators and officials from schools were sexually attracted and assaulted students in the past school year in an investigation published this week.

The Chicago Public Schools Office of the Inspector General published its annual report on Sunday, declaring that it proved more than 300 allegations of misconduct 

An OIG investigation found that one teacher sexually assaulted the 17-year-old girl three times. The teacher was accused of several allegations of assault on a sexual nature. 

Another investigation has revealed that the former JROTC employee had sex with a girl in high school throughout one year, when she was aged between 16 and 17 The report stated. 

A teacher at a high school allegedly sent 4,000 text messages to female students, including 400 messages in one day.