Anime Twists That Ruined Everything 

All For One Threatened Shigaraki's Arc ( My Hero Academia )

Kaguya Ruined A Promising Fight With Team Seven ( Naruto )

Luffy's Gum-Gum Reveal Cheapened His Unique Appeal ( One Piece )

The Scope Of Ragyo's Plans Didn't Make Sense ( Kill La Kill )

Bakura Was Too Recurring To Be Taken Seriously ( Yu-Gi-Oh! )

Kurapika Threw Away His Chance To Destroy The Phantom Troupe ( Hunter X Hunter )

Dabi's Relationship With Endeavor Was More Tepid Family Drama ( My Hero Academia )

Esdeath's Burial With Tatsumi Was Forced ( Akame Ga Kill! )

The Aincrad Arc's Conclusion Was Plagued With Plot Armor ( Sword Art Online )

Aang Avoided Killing Ozai With A Last-Minute Cop Out ( Avatar: The Last Airbender )