A high school pupil, aged 16 dies in a flag football match due to a medical emergency

A high school student has been declared dead following an "medical emergency" in her flag football match in Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas.

Ashari Hughes who is 16 fell down after getting onto the bench, after suffering chest pains.

She was administered CPR from a medical professional who was in the stands. The defibrillator was also utilized to restore a heartbeat however she passed away on the way at the hospital.

Ashari was 16 and was playing the sport she loved and loves the most, football. We didn't realize it would be her last senior match," Hughes' family said. 

Hughes family announced on their GoFundMe page. "She was extremely passionate, loving and determined. She was passionate about dance, music and bringing joy to all those she loved.

Football was her favorite passion in her entire life! She was passionate about football and she was loved and adored by many. She will be loved by everyone.