Anime Villains Who Got The Revenge They Craved

Mew Two Makes Ash See His Point Of View ( Pokémon: The First Movie )

Light Yagami Kills His Rival ( Death Note )

Sekai Saionji Is Scorned ( School Days )

Scar Is Merciless Against The State Alchemists ( Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood )

Shigure Sohma Manipulates Akito ( Fruits Basket )

Muzan Kibutsuji Tries To End The Kamado Line ( Demon Slayer )

Tetta Kisaki Holds A Grudge Across Time ( Tokyo Revengers )

Edmon Dantes Uses Supernatural Forces To Get Revenge ( Gangkutsuo: The Count Of Monte Cristo )

Eren Yeager Hates Everyone ( Attack On Titan )

Dio Brando Stays Alive To Harm The Joestars ( JoJo's Bizarre Adventure )