Are Owls Raptors : Explanation

Owls belong to the order strigiformes. Hawks, falcons and others are in the order falconiformes. They are part of the falconiformes order. Therefore, technically, owls do not count as raptors. They are, however, the “night shift” of falconiformes and serve the same roles so they are still birds-of-prey.

The main difference between raptors & owls lies in the time they are active. Owls are active at night (nocturnal), while raptors are active during daylight (diurnal).

Marc Devokaitis is a public information specialist at Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. While some owls sleep, the northern-hawk owl, Surnia ulula, and the northern Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium Gnoma) hunt for food during the day.

Tytonidae (barn-owls) or Strigidae, which are true owls, can be used to classify owls. An owl is a bird-of-prey, but not a raptor.

Are Owls Afraid ?

Owls are generally oblivious to human contact. Make noises if you see an owl on your property. Owls are scared of noises like shouting and clapping. Increased human activity in the presence owls may make them disappear.

Where does the owl spend its day?

Owls return to their roosting area after a hunting day or night. Most owls rest alone or close to a nest during breeding season. There are some species, however, that share a roosting space with others of the same species.